In many areas of the country, soil settles and moves causing sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, floors and other concrete surfaces to become uneven. Concrete lifting can re-level a slab and eliminate the need to replace the concrete. Slab jacking, or slab leveling with polyurethane foam is done by drilling a series of small holes, filling them with concrete and slowly raising the slab as the foam stabilizes the ground and brings the slab up to level with the other areas around it. Concrete Lifting Foam is a faster, more economical way to fix a number of these issues that can happen over time. 

Natural Polymers offers the industry-leading concrete lifting foam. The key is that the Natural Polymers product does not react with water as it is injected under the slab which provides greater ability to stabilize the area.  


Natural-Therm® 9300 Series Concrete Lifting Foam

Natural-Therm® 9300 Series is specially engineered for:

Concrete lifting

✓ Concrete leveling

✓ Void filling

✓ Soil stabilization applications 

Our environmentally-friendly concrete lifting foam is available in a variety of reactivity profiles and densities that can be tailored to a wide variety of projects they can be used on.  Please review the technical datasheet for more information and see how the Natural-Therm 9300 Series can help meet your needs. For more information on this porduct, download the technical datasheet or get in touch with our team today