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The future of home insulation is here today! Natural Polymers spray foam insulation can reduce the nuisance of outside dust, noise, pests, and air infiltration. Save on heating and cooling costs while living in comfort with our versatile products. Other insulation methods can leave pockets inside walls where pests can invade, mold can grow, and air can pass through. Our spray foam insulation transforms a wall assembly into a thermal mass, binding individual elements together into a barrier that keeps your home quieter, more temperate, and more energy efficient.
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"I'm looking forward to being on the inside, standing beside the windows...I want to know that the house is warm."

- Shawn M., homeowner

Why Natural-Therm®?

Natural Polymers is the industry-leading manufacturer of energy efficient spray foam insulation systems. We provide top quality products with top quality support. Natural Polymers trains and certifies contractors and applicators who use our spray foam insulation products. Our products are rigorously tested and certified by independent, third-party, accredited, U.S. laboratories. At Natural Polymers, we strive to work with our customers to ensure the best quality service is delivered and satisfaction is achieved. We also offer quite possibly the most innovative, highest recycled, “green” spray foams on the market today.

Changing regulations are requiring buildings to be tighter and more energy efficient all the time. Natural-Therm® spray foam works harder to make sure your home stays as green as possible, which means using less energy and costing less money. Natural Polymers strives to produce products that adhere to standards of low global warming potential (GWP). Our Natural-Therm® technology has a GWP lower than 99.8% of other existing blowing methods. With Natural-Therm®, we emphasize the value of this difference we provide to the homeowner, the environment, the contractor, and the building developer.

Installer spraying Natural Polymers foam insulation