Innovative Polyurethane Foam Applications

Natural Polymers is continually focused on the development of spray applied soy-based urethane adhesive. We see a number of advantages to our simple yet innovative approach to this market segment. Currently, we have a number of different end user looking at this technology in a wide variety of applications.

Natural-Therm spray foam has far lower VOCs compared to other insulation methods. What does this mean for you? It means that within hours after your home is insulated, you can return to normal daily life without worrying about health issues which result from volatile organic compounds. Other spray insulation methods can leave your home unlivable far longer. Our Natural-Therm spray foam insulation meets and exceeds industry standards on safety through 2020.

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Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is a type of system that allows for concrete slabs to be lifted by drilling a series of small holes without the need to replace the entire slab. It's a faster, more economical way to fix a number of settling issues that can happen over time with various concrete slabs:

  • Cost Effective
  • Faster return of Service
  • Lifting and Leveling
  • Void Filling
Please contact a Natural Polymers sales associate for more information about our Natural-Therm® RL-5700 Series.

Specialty Services

Natural Polymers specializes in polyurethane system development and manufacturing. We offer a number of different services that help customers in a variety of different ways, from custom packaging to custom formulations. Please see a list below of some of these services in our in-house R&D center:

•  Formulation Development
•  Customer Packaging
•  High Density Foams
•  PrePolymers
•  Wiped/Thin Film Evaporation
•  Physical and Mechanical Testing