Open cell spray foam insulation

Looking for a high yield, low density open-cell polyurethane foam? As an environmentally friendly open cell foam insulation manufacturer, Natural Polymers offers industry-leading technology that results in an effortlessly clean-looking jobsite.

Open Cell Foam Options:

Natural- Therm 0.40 "Light"

Natural- Therm 0.50 PCF

Natural- Therm 0.50 IB PCF

Natural-Therm 1.0 PCF


NATURAL-THERM light no mix open-cell foam insulation

Some of the key features of this higher-yielding low-density spray foam system are that this product is based on Natural Polymers' low-density platform of no-mix, low-emission with a low-VOC signature. This product will meet the California air quality standard CA 01350 and is currently listed as GreenGuard Gold for low emissions. It has been designed to give contractors higher than expected yields over regular open-cell foam insulation. When the product is cut, it will have better tear-resistance than other products in its class, which leads to a much nicer-looking jobsite when completed. Natural Polymers is never done when it comes to R&D, and now this product has a wider processing window for contactors who like to spray a slightly lower temperature. It is code-compliant to all the AC377 standards and currently listed with IAPMO.  


This foam can be a great addition to your arsenal of offered products. As with all foams, it comes down to proper processing. This open-cell polyurethane foam likes to be warm in the drum, preferably around 90 F. The density is decreasing from 0.5 to around 0.4 lb, meaning it will yield more but also react a little faster, so you may have to speed up to stay in front of it. In some cases, switching to a smaller mixing chamber can help. Spray Foam Techs prefer mixing the B side for the time it takes to warm up the hose in the morning, although it does not require it.  Overall, the Natural-Therm® Light No Mix is very user-friendly and easy on the equipment. This product also has a UL listed Bio Based content for customers who are desiring a more renewable raw material base. 


UL Bio Based Certification

UL Mold Resistance Certification

UL GreenGuard Compliance