Independently owned, Natural Polymers prides itself on contractor-to-contractor relationships with unparalleled support. The success of our spray foam comes from a long history of home building and insulation. We are dedicated to exceeding industry standards and continuing to provide best-selling environmentally friendly products to the market. 

Our History as an Independently Owned Spray Foam Manufacturer

Natural Polymers owner and founder Ben Brown grew up around spray foam. He has dedicated his career to finding innovative and eco-friendly spray foam solutions for a growing industry. Spending his time out in the field and in the lab, Ben is not only the founder and owner of Natural Polymers, but he is also a spray foam contractor and chief chemist while overseeing all aspects of Natural Polymers’ production. 

A Chemist Who Started As a Sprayer

Ben grew up loving chemistry and helping his father. As the son of a custom home builder, he pounded a lot of nails, but his love of chemistry took him to college and then to a lab where he learned about SPF. Back then, the lab didn’t see the value of SPF in construction, but Ben did. He bought their old FF 1500 machine and pioneered a very successful spray foam contracting business in the Chicago area. While he liked the foams he sprayed, he knew they could be better. With a few ideas, he bought some equipment and started a lab in his home. Ben’s passion for foam had him spraying homes during the day and creating formulations on nights and weekends. The foams he produces today are the best in the industry and the result of his passion to make better products for the consumer and contractor alike.

Our Success 

Natural Polymers’ success comes from the loyalty of our customers and their dedication to providing high-quality home insulation. As we continue to develop our products, Natural Polymers stands by our mission of creating high-yielding spray foam products that save contractors time and homeowners money through energy-efficient solutions.