Pourable Foam Insulation

Unsure what pour foam products you need, or the quantity your project requires? Let our experts help you determine the highest-quality (and most profitable!) solution for your pourable foam insulation project. 

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Natural-Therm 2000M is the B component of a two-component polyurethane pour foam system designed for OEM applications and specific void filling applications, where a slower reactivity profile is desired. This product has been used to:

✓ Fill voids in pipes

Pack underground storage tanks

✓ Seal empty wall cavities

Natural-Therm 2000M was originally designed for the walk-in cooler industry Class I panels, but it has been formulated with special polyols that achieve distinguished flow characteristics, allowing for versatile use. Lots of times it is difficult to fill voids completely, so a special formulation is required to do this. Usually, formulators try to use a general-purpose formulation and do not take this into consideration. Having a special formation that has great flow characteristics is essential to fill these hard to reach areas in a pipe or panel. This product can be modified to be faster or slower depending on the application.