Why You Should Hire a Spray Foam Insulation Expert

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Spray foam is an increasingly popular option for homeowners: It provides high levels of energy efficiency, saving money on utility bills for heating and cooling, and reduces the impact both have on the environment. However, with DIY kits and online resources, homeowners may think they can save time and money when replacing their old fiberglass batts by installing spray foam insulation themselves. While doing minor repairs filling in cracks in your insulation with DIY kits can be done, there are many reasons why you should always hire a spray foam insulation expert rather than try to do it yourself when it comes to replacing or adding insulation to new homes and renovations.


When it comes to installing spray foam insulation, there is a reason expert and professional applicators use high-pressure equipment with specialized guns and hoses. Spray foam insulation requires excellent mixing, temperature control, and careful application of layers to ensure the highest level of performance and quality control of the final product. DIY kits are OK for very small jobs or spot applications, but cannot deliver high-quality mixing of ingredients, precise control of foam layers, and the correct temperatures for large-scale installations. Incorrect applications with DIY kits may lead to issues including improper mixing, shrinkage, poor adhesion, or low insulation performance. Spray foam insulation experts are thoroughly trained in how best to apply products in a variety of installations and under all types of conditions.

Chemical Hazard

While completely safe once installed properly, there are hazards of breathing spray foam chemicals as they are applied and before curing. To avoid any potential chemical health hazards, spray foam insulation experts use ventilation and full personal protection equipment (PPE). For the DIY-er who may not be as versed in spray foam installation, not having the right equipment or ventilation can cause potential hazards. However, once installed and cured properly, spray foam insulation won’t have any harmful effects. 

Is polyurethane foam a good insulator?

Yes. Having good insulation is a necessity for proper heating and cooling of air in a home. When compared to other insulation options, polyurethane spray foam insulation has the highest R-value per inch (5.0-8.0 per inch), so it delivers the highest level of insulation against air and moisture providing better insulation than traditional options (fiberglass, cellulose, and other loose-filled products). Because of this, it’s a great insulator for any home or building. Very often polyurethane spray foam is used in conjunction with other types of insulation to ensure the best performance for the right circumstances. These factors include climate, insulation location, and heating and cooling system of the building, delivering the best insulation solutions from a cost and total value perspective.

You can also feel good about your decision to use polyurethane spray foam insulation in your home because it is the most eco-friendly option for insulation. A function of this superior insulation is that the environmental impact is reduced over the insulation’s lifetime. Additionally, when you use polyurethane spray foam insulation in your home, it helps retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, so you use less energy. This saves you money on heating and cooling bills.

Surface Preparations

If you are hoping to use spray foam to boost your home’s current insulation performance, a trained spray foam installer expert is needed to better understand whether you can merely add to the existing insulation or if you need to completely replace it. Although spray foam expands to the space, it can’t adhere to many types of insulation you may currently have in your home. 

If you add spray foam insulation to spaces where it can’t adhere, you’re wasting time and money and may risk having to redo the whole thing. In the end, it’s best to do it right the first time by hiring an expert for your spray foam insulation job.

Expansion Risks

One of the benefits of spray foam is that it expands to fill a space, providing a tighter envelope and getting into previously neglected nooks and crannies. However, that expansion can also cause other issues in your home if you aren’t working with a spray foam insulation expert.

Because spray foam hardens and expands, it may not be clear to the layperson how much should be used. Although it fills spaces, if the drywall is left intact and too much spray foam is added, it can crack the drywall, creating a much more expensive problem. 

Spray foam insulation experts know how much you need and what drywall sections may need to be removed to eliminate any potential risks.

Indoor Air Quality

One of the many benefits of using spray foam insulation is the tight building envelope it creates, eliminating drafts and moisture from getting into your home. However, when insulation isn’t installed correctly or the right type of spray foam (open vs. closed cell) is chosen, moisture can be trapped, causing mold to grow or VOCs can be concentrated. The last thing your family needs is poor indoor air quality and health risks associated with mold growth or excess VOCs. Mold is hard to find in walls, but even the slightest bit can cause ongoing health issues, including problems breathing and the development of asthma. Likewise, high levels of VOCs can cause a variety of health-related issues. Hiring a spray foam expert means the person installing the insulation knows the risks and is capable of doing the job without accidentally trapping moisture or concentrating VOCs.

Make Sure Your Spray Foam Insulation is Done Correctly by the Experts

When you’re ready to start your spray foam insulation project, contact the experts to get the job safely done right the first time. At Natural Polymers, we partner with the leading insulation experts to provide your project with the best spray foam available on the market. Contact us to see how our low-VOC and more environmentally friendly spray foam can help insulate your home, business, or building for years to come.