Better Spray Foam Insulation For Contractors and Building Owners

Better Foams, Better Processing, and Better Results

Better spray foam starts with better chemistry and processing. Sure, choosing a reliable spray foam that performs each time you pull the trigger is important to a sprayer, but to contractors, owners and occupants, it’s the biggest factor of all. Great foams are easier to apply, safer for the homeowner, and more profitable for the contractor. 

Natural Polymers manufactures the safest and most innovative, spray foam insulation a contractor can get. Spending time unclogging, dealing with smells, or dialing in a better mix costs money. Natural Polymers spray foam is easy on equipment, more consistent, and has less off-gassing than most spray foam insulations. Our industry-leading, eco-friendly, and low-VOC products meet and exceed GreenGuard Gold and every recognized standard for better indoor air quality and product emissions.  

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Why Natural Therm®?

A Chemist That Started As A Sprayer

Ben grew up loving chemistry and helping his father. As the son of a custom home builder, he pounded a lot of nails, but his love of chemistry took him to college and then to a lab where he learned about SPF. Back then, the lab didn’t see the value of SPF in construction, but Ben did. He bought their old FF 1500 machine and pioneered a very successful spray foam contracting business in the Chicago area. While he liked the foams he sprayed, he knew they could be better. With a few ideas, he bought some equipment and started a lab in his home. Ben’s passion for foam had him spraying homes during the day and creating formulations on nights and weekends. The foams he produces today are the best in the industry and the result of his passion to make better products for the consumer and contractor alike

True Innovation

Natural-Therm® SPF products are all about sourcing higher-quality ingredients and creating better recipes. The first key is using these materials in a way that doesn’t adversely affect the cost. There are a lot of bargain raw materials, but foams can only be as good as the ingredients that go in them. Great raw materials allow you to create foams with special properties other foams cannot achieve. Properties like better yields, higher R-Values, lower spray temps, pest resistance, and the lowest VOCs in the industry.

Chemist In The Field Working With Contractors

No doubt the chemistry team at Natural Polymers spends lots of time in the lab, but Natural-Therm® SPF products spray better because their chemists spend time in the field, constantly working with contractors to make them that way. The process isn’t done through a chain of emails. The Natural Polymers products are perfected and tested on real job sites, under real conditions, by an owner and chemist with a goal to make life better for everyone involved.

Family Owned – A Passion To Be The Best

Starting out as a sprayer, Ben wanted more from the foam, so Natural Polymers was founded and began innovating and manufacturing high-performance foams back in 2005. We are a true blending house and our products are proudly made in our state-of-the-art production facility in Cortland, IL. 

 Everyone claims to offer service and performance — we only ask that you find out for yourself. Try Natural-Therm® today on your spray foam insulation or manufacturing project and experience the performance, the service, and the quality in every set. 

Choose the best products today and give your customers, your company, and your crew a better tomorrow. View our insulation spray foams for contractors and determine what Natural Polymers products work best for you.



Installer applying spray foam into a home

"It allows a faster installation, an easier one, and is more healthy for the installers."

- Blendi A., professional spray foam contractor

Anyone can claim to offer service and performance — we only ask you to find out for yourself. Try Natural-Therm® today on your SPF contract and manufacturing projects, and see for yourself the high level of performance and quality you will get. 

We offer a variety of different foams both open and closed cell in different densities. We are not a distributor — our products are proudly made in our own production facility in West Chicago, IL.

Choose your products today and save tomorrow. View our SPF products for contractors to determine what Natural Polymers products you need. 

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