For Spray Foam Insulation Contractors

Don’t waste time with clogged sprayers and long processing times. Natural Polymers’ spray foam insulation makes your contract work more efficient — it’s easy on the gun and more consistent than other spray insulations. When you’re on the job, time is money, and we make sure you don’t have to waste time unclogging machinery and dialing in a better mix. Our spray foam cures rapidly and doesn’t get as hot as competitor’s foam, greatly reducing the risk of combustion. Enjoy a guilt-free conscience with low VOCs and less danger to residents with Natural Polymers.

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"It allows a faster installation, an easier one, and is more healthy for the installers."

- Blendi A., professional spray foam contractor

Why Natural Therm®?

    • Top Product Performance
      • Changing regulations are requiring spray foam insulation contractors and manufacturers to be more energy efficient on all of their projects. As restrictions get tougher, Natural-Therm® SPF works harder to make sure buildings stay as green as possible, which means using less energy and costing less money.
      • Natural Polymers strives to produce products that adhere to standards of low global warming potential (GWP). Our Natural-Therm® technology has a GWP lower than 99.8% of other existing blowing methods. With Natural-Therm®, we emphasize the value of this difference we provide to the homeowner, the environment, the contractor, and the building developer.
    • Advanced Product Innovation
      • Natural-Therm® is one of the most advanced and innovative products on the market today. It offers less GWP and higher R-Values than almost all other insulation methods. 

      • The U.S. EPA is phasing out hydrofluorocarbons in spray foam insulation with a target time of January 1, 2020 — we’re already ahead of the regulations that other products will be struggling to comply with. 

      • Couple this with our superior field support and quick response time, and there’s no reason not to give us a try.


Installer applying spray foam into a home

Anyone can claim to offer service and performance — we only ask you to find out for yourself. Try Natural-Therm® today on your SPF contract and manufacturing projects, and see for yourself the high level of performance and quality you will get. 

We offer a variety of different foams both open and closed cell in different densities. We are not a distributor — our products are proudly made in our own production facility in West Chicago, IL.

Choose your products today and save tomorrow. View our SPF products for contractors to determine what Natural Polymers products you need. 

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