Almost every manufacturer makes a ditch foam. At Natural Polymers, we do that and so much more. While we still make the traditional trench breaker foam, our industry-leading Hybrid Open Cell Polyurethane System offers Higher Yields, Increased Structural Support and Corrosion Prevention. Why is that important? Breakers cradle the pipeline and support the trench infrastructure from soil erosion.  Most polyurethane foams used for pipeline support are basically closed-cell “wall foams” being used below grade.

Terra Firm-Up™ is specifically formulated for trench breaker conditions. Metal pipelines are subject to advanced corrosion. This is why Cathodic Protection (CP) systems are implemented to control the corrosion of buried pipelines, bypassing a current source along the length of the material coating.

This electrical current counteracts the normal process of external corrosion. CP is generally used where all or part of a pipeline is buried underground or submerged in water. Terra Firm-Up Polyurethane Trench Foam is the best solution because of its lower electrical resistivity


 Natura-Therm® Terra Firm-Up Trench Breaking Foam

Concrete lifting

✓ Concrete leveling

✓ Void filling

✓ Soil stabilization applications 

Our environmentally-friendly concrete lifting foam is available in a variety of reactivity profiles and densities that can be tailored to a wide variety of projects they can be used on.  Please review the technical datasheet for more information and see how the Natural-Therm 9300 Series can help meet your needs. For more information on this porduct, download the technical datasheet or get in touch with our team today